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Screensaver Wonder 6

With Screensaver Wonder you can create your own screensavers from your pictures, music and videos with over 100 image
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3 September 2012

Editor's review

Visual appeal is the ultimate thing that general masses carve out of the computer in massive quantity. Recent trendy GUI embedded with most OS and different applications are prime example of it. Without going much into other GUIs lets now talk about a visual enriching program we have here with us, i.e. Screensaver Wonder 6 6.2. It actually is a wonder program that can empower you in creating personalized screensavers easily. So instead of buying any more screensaver you get to design your own screensavers and create your own screensaver. Just pick your own pictures or photographs and videos and simultaneously use this tool to bring out your amazing creativity. As you will create your own customized screensaver you can display it on your PC and consequently boast it in front of friends.

Well-off in features, the Screensaver Wonder definitely will leave you stunned with such plethora of them. Select as many images or videos and set them together plus embed them with any pleasing background music of your choice. Then to make the screensaver intriguing you can choose from 100 transitions effects from it. To ensure that file size do not become very large, it brings into play the built-in compressor. All mainstream video formats like AVI, MPEG, and WMV along with popular image format such as GIF, PNG, JPG and several others are supported by it. Hence you should not be having any problem with the format of the formats. Customizing features which includes resizing the images, instigating photo frames, writing texts on the screensaver etc. is possible with it. Before you get the output screensaver, you can see the preview of it.

All the output screensaver are compatible with every Windows OS, similarly with the case of the Screensaver Wonder also. Hence a marking of 3 on it is certainly be justifiable for bundle of feature it make available.

Publisher's description

With Screensaver Wonder you can easily make your own screensaver from your pictures and videos files. You can add background music and select from over 100 stunning picture transition effects. Screensaver Wonder is extremely easy to use. You can create standard screensaver file and install it on your system automatically. You can also create standalone, self-installing screensavers for easy distribution and sharing with your friends.
Key features:
* Create screensavers from your pictures and/or video files
* Add background music from MP3, WAV, WMA and MID sound files
* Select from over 100 smooth image transition effects
* Enhance your screensaver with text labels and cool background options
* Customizable screen saver settings window
* Built-in compression ensures smallest possible file size
* Incredible quality, compatibility and performance on all PCs
Screensaver Wonder 6
Screensaver Wonder 6
Version 6.2
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